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After years of battling with intruders and hackers, viruses and spam, companies have now find themselves struggling with a relatively new but potentially huge security issue which is data leak. By March, 2008 the unintentional exposure of company’s confidential information has already been quoted in a report as the number one data security threat, followed by viruses, Trojans, and worms.This report was published at the end of the year, and approximately 80% of answerer in a survey have agreed that data security and preventing data from getting leaked is one of the biggest challenges that companies and even home users are facing. About 50% of the answerers have acknowledged that they had experienced a data leak incident in 2008.This survey has identified that intellectual property is the most common type of information being leaked and approximately 81% of answerer have identified IPC which is Information Protection and Control as an important part of their overall data protection strategy. Information Protection and Control or IPC can be defined as monitoring, encrypting, filtering, and blocking sensitive information contained in data at rest, data in motion, and data in use.According to the report, the highest priority solution in Information Protection and Control (IPC) was Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) which is being deployed at the organization’s perimeter and on endpoint computers.The Growing Importance of Data Leak Prevention (DPL)
There are quite a few grounds for the growing importance of data leakage prevention to such a level that it has become the forefront of any enterprise security. Some of the reasons are listed below:• High-profile, prestigious and reputation-damaging data leaks
• Ghastly publicity from data leak
• Damaged reputation
• Lost customers
• And sometimes data leak can even destroy the whole companyThe number of well advertised exemplars of data security breaches is growing very drastically. Financial Organizations, Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Industry Giants and even Presidential Candidates – no one is immune from the incidences of data leak.The need of data leak prevention is increasing quite exponentially with the thoroughly diverse perspective which was introduced by Web 2.0 users. More than a few enterprise-focused data leak prevention solution vendors have developed pioneering solutions for preventing the leakage of sensitive company information. Many of these products spotlight on identifying and categorizing all sensitive information and then implementing communal data leak prevention policies that can track sensitive information not only across the enterprise, but will also apply controls wherever it is necessary.Hypothetically, these solutions make a lot of sense, but practically they run up against numerous implementation obstructions. For example; in many organizations data is so discrete, jumbled, disorganized and huge that classifying and categorizing it comprehensively is just too burdensome. But Device Block has simplified such a complicated and nearly impossible task by offering complete security against data leakage.Device Block lets you protect your data from getting leaked by controlling portable storage devices and removable media. With Device Block installed on your computer, you can decide which devices can access your Windows PC. If a user attempts to perform a prohibited action, Device Block will stop him to do so.

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Data Entry BPO Services are now become most popular term for outsourcing. Flexibility in internet and better communication strategies made BPO Outsourcing easier. There many types of BPO services available but over here we are going to know about most important 6 types as defined as below:Numeric Data Entry:It involves telecom billing, medical billing, examination results, account forms etc. in this method accuracy must required as a small mistake can make big effect on whole the projects. Various offshore telecom companies, medical companies are outsourcing their requirements to save their time and cost. Professional firms are also offering many advantages like data security, transparency, duplicate checking and low cost.Textual Data Entry:It involves mailing lists, word processing, yellow page listings, E-books and Legal documents. This service offer outputs in various formats like HTML, FrameMaker, XML, PDF, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PageMaker, Excel, Word and QuarkXpress. So it is very easy for you to ask any type of formatted output. This method mainly used for E-book creation as it is easy to keep and easy to access anywhere. For outsourcing you just need to send requirements in any format and you will sure get quality outputs.Data Processing:Data processing involves check processing, insurance claim processing, forms processing, survey processing, image processing and all type of business data processing. Data processing serves facilities like accurate outputs, low cost and time bound outputs. Various business organizations making outsourcing their valuable time and apply that time on other tasks.Data Conversion:Data conversion is a process that offer various formatted outputs which is best suitable for you. You can convert your data files in to various formats using data conversion. It involves PDF conversion, XML conversion, Document conversion; Document digitizing, RTF Conversion and RTF conversion.Online Form Entry:Many of the organizations need online data entry services so online form entry is a good option. Professional firms are providing online data entry services within turnaround time. In this method it doesn’t matter from which county you are as internet is providing many facilities and flexibilities.OCR / ICR Processing:It can be defined as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). It involves invoice processing, Forms scanning, document imagining OCR scanning, OCR conversion and much more.

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A data logger is an electronic sensor device that captures and stores data. This technology includes several data capturing equipment such as plug-in boards. They also include data acquisition devices such as serial communication systems that utilize a main computer. The main computer acts as a real time data recording system.But for the most part, data loggers are stand alone devices that are multi-functional. The loggers can read several types of electrical signals and then have the ability to store the data in an internal memory. This information can then be downloaded on to a computer. The loggers can still operate without the use of a computer.These devices come in many different shapes and sizes. They also range in price depending upon the complexity of the technology. Single channel loggers are more economical than loggers that can handle a multitude of inputs. The loggers typically operated by battery and are small and portable. Microprocessor are installed in the data loggers so they can interface with computer programs.People use these data tools for a variety of reasons. Many major corporations use them for multiple purposes. In the trucking industry, data loggers used to keep a record of the interior temperature when transporting food products. The logger can read and record various changes in temperature. Some loggers also have a humidity sensor which is important when transporting certain goods such as flowers. Data capturing tools can be designed to read other data pertaining to certain conditions in the environment.Data capturing tools are helpful in understanding and controlling certain aspects when it comes to handling products that are being stored. This helps to assure the quality of the product when it makes it to its final destination. The loggers are great portable devices and since they can function independent of a computer source, they can be taken anywhere and used for in a variety of situations.These data devices are used in a number of different circumstances. They are often used in restaurants where they are placed in the refrigerators to keep a record of the temperature of the food. This is very important in the food industry to keep foods at their proper temperature so people will not get sick. Data capturing devices are also used in very high tech situations.Data can be collected in many different ways and downloaded on to a computer. Some loggers are wireless and the data can be transmitted to different types of devices. These instruments are essential for companies to monitor the quality of their products. These loggers make it possible to know if certain products are being stored properly.Depending on the type of data logger, the information is readily available. The data can also be collected whenever it is needed. There are different types of data loggers that collect information in different ways. The memory capacity also varies depending on the type of device. These tools have many benefits and are used for a multitude of different purposes. They are used in many different types of industries to track important information.